Where fantastic wine grows

Sun flooded vineyards on historic soil - the wine from the Nahe region is a very special cultural product with a history thousands of years old. In the wine country Nahe, indulgence and hospitality live door to door.

Wine is not merely drunk here. In the wine country Nahe wine is discovered and experienced. Wine hiking, grape harvesting, enjoying and tasting wine – in the Nahe region 'juice from the vine' is a cultural possession that local wine growers cultivate with great skill and a multitude of ideas. Whether in wine taverns or gourmet restaurants, on a picnic or during a wine tasting Nahe wine is always a perfect choice.

The wine country Nahe Spread across 4,200 hectares in the Nahe region is a wine growing acreage ideal for Riesling, Pinot noir, Pinot blanc and Pinot gris that benefits from the mild climate. These wines are top class products with a long history. Each vintage has its own history - originating on a foundation rich with quartzite and slate at the lower level of the river Nahe, volcanic porphyry and melaphyre as well as mottled sandstone on the middle level, Quaternary terrace gravel, loess, sea sand and floes from the Carboniferous era on the upper level of the river Nahe. Wines, strong in character, with enormous potential in terms of fruitiness, spiciness and content are the result - enjoy them at one of the local wine growing estates.

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